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Instant Help

FREE Android application to talk to someone in times of need

For use in New Zealand Only

Other countries to be added soon.

Help Me! is a FREE Android app to give anyone in New Zealand the instant ability to quickly select and call one of a range of "help line" counsellors.

You will be guided through just 2 simple screens to call everything from emergency services to crisis counsellors at the touch of a button. No need to look up numbers, they are preinstalled for you. Never feel you are ringing the wrong person, just reach out and someone will help you. Note: This is not meant to replace any emergency service or personal or medical advice you may be receiving. 

How it works


Screen 1

First choose if this is an emergency or not. But if you are wanting someone to talk to, your choice will always NO.


Double Check

If it IS an emergency and you selected YES on the 1st screen you will be asked to confirm and continue, otherwise cancel.


Age Range

If you selected NO on the 1st screen you will be taken to this page. Select which age group you fit in.



If you select 16 or younger on the previous page you will go to here. Select YES and you will call a trained person.


Younger Adult

If you select 17 to 25 on the age range you will see this choice. Select an option and your phone will be conected.



Selecting 26 and over will give you these options. Click on one to be connected straight away to who you need.

The numbers: ALL CALLS ARE FREE.

The pre-installed numbers are: 111 for emregency; Kidsline for children; Healthline to talk to a qualified nurse on medical concerns; Youthline for young people; Lifeline for confidential support from qualified counsellors and trained volunteers; Depression Helpline; Need to Talk; and Suicide Crisis Helpline for people who may be thinking about suicide, or those who are concerned about family or friends. Everyone needs help at some stage in their life. This is not a complete list but it can get you in touch with people qualified to talk to you at a touch of a button without having to search for a number. There is NO advertising on this app or asking for payment at any stage.


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