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Budgeting Made Easy

These lessons and pages that will help the family are provided for free by Edukits.

All information is based on "per week" unless specified otherwise.

Most people's income is reasonably fixed so you will always know how much you will have to spend from week to week from your household income.

Make a list of all the fixed payments you need to take from your income each week:

  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Rates
  • Telephone /Mobile
  • Power
  • Internet/Data
  • Water
  • Travel
  • Hire Purchase
  • Debt Repayments
Most of these bills are not paid each week so you need to work out how much it would be if they were.
Monthly bills - find your highest one to work with. Multiply it by 12 then divide the answer by 52 to find how much it is per week.
(eg. $80 x 12 = $960 รท 52 = $18.46)
6 monthly - divide it by 26 to find the weekly figure.
Yearly - divide it by 52 to find the weekly figure.
You must put these amounts to one side each week before each bill is due.
Total each of these items and deduct the full amount from your weekly income.
What is left over is your disposable income.
Ensure that you do not use the money needed to pay these bills for anything else.
Now you can work out your weekly shopping list.
NOTE: If your disposable income will still not be enough to live on you may need to seek additional budgeting advice and you may even be entitled to assistance from Work & Income or through the Community Services Card even if you are working.

Need to save on your water bill?
Fill a jar or old soft-drink bottle with water and put it inside your toilet cistern - you'll save around a litre per flush!
When you go for a shower, wet yourself down and then turn the shower off. Soap down and wash yourself and then turn the shower back on to wash the soap off. Do this when you wash your hair as well - you will save water!


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